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As the welcome says, we are a Body Art Studio, located in the beautiful Ozarks, in Historic Waynesville, Missouri. We classify ourselves as Body Artists, because we participate in more than one form of body artistry.

Our driving business is Tattoos, with 2 generations of tattoo artists, and over 30 years of experience in the studio. We also do body piercing, and carry a full line of body jewelry.  Contact us to find out more. In addition, and because of our fascination with body transformation, we now offer Tooth Gem application, beautification services such as Microblading/Nano Brows, Lip Blushing, Eyeliner, and V-Bright non-surgical Wrinkle Reduction, all performed by certified technicians. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON BEAUTIFICATION SERVICES.

We are located at 25865 Hwy 17. For you ROUTE 66 enthusiasts, Hwy 17 is actually ROUTE 66 at this point, making our little oasis a must stop location.

Do you have a large event, rally, bike run, truck or car show, renaissance fair, hippy fest, or other large gathering and need a mobile tattoo artist? Ask us! we are ready to roll with our self contained inkmobile and merchandise tent!

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Our location has a large facility, 8 artist bays, and a large retail store selling lifestyle products, clothes, patches, piercing jewelry, and gear.


Come see us, or stop by and see us during one of our events! 




ARTIST  Tattoos/Piercing -Owner/Operator

Adam Gregory

Adam is one of the owners of Between the Lines, and does the difficult task of Shop Manager. He was corrupted and drawn into the world of tattoos and piercings in 1999, when he received his first tattoos from Grumpy at the tender age of 15 (yes he had parents permission). That was a turning point in Adams life, and he has been a part of the tattoo world ever since, working hard to become a respected, licensed artist. Adam is a natural  inkslinger, with a talent for most styles of tattooing. But his preference, and where he shines is in beautiful, no line tattoos. He has built a dedicated and loyal following, and works hard every single day to perfect his art. Adam also does piercing.

Tattoos - Owner/Operator              ARTIST

Eric "Grumpy" Dean


Grumpy is one of the owners of Between the Lines, and also performs the duties of Business Manager. Grumpy has been slinging ink over 30 years, and is the former owner of Lifestylz Emporium, Tattoo and Piercing in Lebanon, MO. He doesn't profess a certain style of art, and can do just about anything he puts his mind to, but is most comfortable in black and gray, trash polka, and old school traditional stuff. If you look at his work, some of his best work is dark and creepy designs, coverups, and  beautiful flowers and foliage. 

He is a lifetime biker, owns and builds his own bikes, and does custom airbrush work for people when he has the time.


Tattoo   Artist
Chrissy AF

Chrissy is our newest licensed artist. Full of creative charisma, this girl created the term "grungebo" on Instagram and Tik Tok and it stuck...she is a breath of fresh air, a true, inspiring "creator" of original CONTENT.  Like the rest of us, she has her own ghosts, but Chrissy, who battles Autism, bi-polar disorder, and social anxiety, has overcome all of it, even while battling other shops and sexist assholes who tried to take advantage of her instead of actually helping her realize her dream of being a tattoo artist. Well guess what? Grungebo, Chrissy AF wins! We are so grateful and honored to have this amazing, soulful artist in our shop.  We knew while we were doing her apprenticeship that we had a diamond in the rough. Come in and meet Chrissy. Get to know her. And you will find yourself with a new artist. And you will love her like we do.

Tattoos/Piercing    Artist

Trista Kingsley


Trista is an ancient Egyptian fanatic, a self proclaimed feral, domesticated housecat that loves all things nerdy and fun. She is wanting to venture into all styles of tattoo art. She's a blast!


PMU Beautification/Piercing
Tooth Gems


Corynthia Tyler

Corynthia is a bright and enthusiastic go getter. At a young age she is chasing her dreams and loves to challenge herself. Corynthia holds multiple licenses and certifications and is our resident expert on PMU beautification to include Microblading, Nano Brows, PMU Eyeliner, Lip Blushing, Tooth Gems, and V-Bright non-surgical Wrinkle Reduction. Give the shop a call and ask for her, she's awesome!



You can view some pictures on our FACEBOOK or on our INSTAGRAM by clicking on the icons in the top left hand portion of your screen.




If you need a MOBILE tattoo and piercing artist hit us up for your large event!




Current Mobile Tattoo Schedule:

May 26-29 Freedom Rally, Buckhorn, MO

June 2-5, Rebel Yell Bike Rally, Chaffe, MO

June 24-26, Firecracker Classic, Glasgow, MO

July 7-10 Hootentown Motorcycle Rally, Highlandville, MO

July 21-24 Two Rocks Rally, Macon, MO

August 18-21 FORR Homecoming Rally, Urich, MO

Oct 7-8 Octoberfest,  Grain Valley, MO

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We have lots of Merchandise!

Visit our Shop and get yourself outfitted in our gear!

All different kinds of Shirts







Body Jewelery

Tattoo AfterCare Balms

Beard Balms


More Stuff on the Way

all the time!

Online Store Coming Soon!


Art Title



Finding the beauty of the world, and Sticking a Needle in it.....

We do all kinds of Piercing Procedures.

Please call the office at the number listed below, contact ADAM, TRISTA, or CORYNTHIA through our Facebook page, or fill out the form below for more info on Piercing procedures, pricing and scheduling.

We also carry a wide variety of piercing jewelry!




25865 Highway 17, Waynesville, MO 65583

Tel: 573-337-9249





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Sunday and Monday - Closed
Tuesday thru Thursday - 12pm to 8pm
​Friday - 12pm to 8pm

Saturday - 12pm to 8pm

We are, and can be available for Special Appointments.

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