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Grumpy's Big Tattoo Raffle

$20 per ticket

*Only 200 tickets will be sold.
Winners will be chosen no later than August 14th, 2023 if all tickets have been sold. If all tickets have been sold sooner, winners will be selected then. Selections will be made on FaceBook Live in the interest of transparency and the announcement of the Live date will be posted on our FaceBook page in advance.

First place-$1,000 of free tattoo work by Grumpy. Can be used in $250 increments, and those increments may, with winner present, be gifted to another as $250 of free tattoo work if winner desires as long as the total of all doesn't exceed $1,000.

Second place-$250 of free tattoo work by Grumpy. Must be used in a single sitting.

Third place-$150 of free tattoo work by Grumpy. Must be used in a single sitting.

You have amazing chances of winning one of the prizes on this one! 1 in 200 are amazing odds and I look forward to seeing what kind of crazy tattoos this raffle contest will bring!



*In the event all tickets are not sold by the deadline, all monies received will be returned. You MUST have your ticket stub to claim your prize, and for refund if all tickets are not sold.

This offer is valid only for tattoos by Grumpy, an artist with Between the Lines Tattoo, and only redeemable at the studio located at 25865 Hwy 17, Waynesville, MO, unless otherwise noted by the artist.


Tickets are non-transferrable, nor are winnings, with the exception of the First place prize which can be broken up into (4) $250 sessions and gifted with permission from the WINNER and prior notification to the ARTIST.


All rights reserved by the Artist.

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